Pit Stop Catch Card SP

Once through the door, wait at the left ledge for a platform to hover over. Right it to the other side, then use Peach to leap from the low pipe, to the higher one and go down it. You'll emerge in the background -- go to the right to find a Catch Card SP.

Hit the block near where you emerge to find a Mega Star. Now just charge through everything until you reach a door to the far right.

On the other side, you'll come across a scared Koopa Troopa who'll find his own Mega Star, turning him into a worthy opponent. Hightail it to a ? block to the left to find another Mega Start of your own. Now just charge right again, through the Koopa, and anything else in your path.

Read the sign at the end to learn an important clue - or at least you would if weren't written backwards! For those who have trouble, the message reads: "Fall in between the red pipes." Hit the Blue Switch at the end to create a platform you can use to go back through the door you just came through. Continue to backtrack until you reach the door you reached via ladder

Now make your way to a pair of red pipes to your right.

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