The Objectives Of The Oddnumbered Fldors

In each of the odd-numbered floors, the obelisk presents you with one of three challenges:

• "Bring to us X Geostones." Geostones are key items that are found in the treasure pods of the Wandering Dungeon and dropped by most of the local monsters. The obelisk typically demands a number between 8

and 18, and when It's at the high end, you may need to spend a great deal of time attacking with the Steal skill and arranging foes into three-part battles to raise your odds of winning Geostones.

• "Destroy the abhorrent crystals." On floors with this objective, you'll find colored crystals scattered throughout the level. Track them down and destroy them with your various Disintegration Rings. Never enter the Wandering Dungeon without 20 Disintegration Stones, because this objective can drain your rings quickly (particularly the single-charge Light Ring).

tri-Emblems are the game's best accessories, bar none. They double the speed at which your Rush Gauge charges, add two (!) attacks to every combo, reduce MP costs by 15%, and grant full immunity to paralysis. They also boost every stat by 100-200 points. Buy as many as you can afford.

• "Defeat our assassins." Always heal up before you approach an obelisk, MmmMSi!

as this objective Is immediately followed by a battle with a random number of ambushes. Pray for this one; you can earn EXP totals in the millions If you survive.

Divine Wand "Empyreal Reverie" is a nice upgrade for Lymle, especially since you can't make anything better without first defeating the Ethereal Queen. Arumat's best Item Creation weapon is earth-type and therefore worthless against many of the dungeon's most difficult bosses, so equipping him with Conqueror Scythe "Asura Vajra" and Battle Armor "God of Hellfire" (which is the only way to compensate for the Conqueror Scythe's deep DEF penalty) makes sense for the battles ahead, even if it does reduce his HIT to 0. Bacchus's best Item Creation weapon isn't dragged down by an elemental type, but the combination of Ogre Cannon "Legion's Howl" and Electroshock Gear "War Deity" does offer better stats in most categories.

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