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The training mission is pretty self-explanatory, as it should be given that it's a training mission. As such, we really, really hope you don't require too much assistance with this portion, as the game already walks you through it step-by-step. However, we'll provide some light commentary and tips along the way.

The narrator will teach you about the Fast Attack and Strong Attack. The fast attack, as its name implies, is a quick, but weak, way of dealing damage. Conversely, the Strong Attack is slower, but deadlier. The key though is linking these moves together. Experiment with different combinations to find effective combos.



Also, the narrator will inform you of the art of dodging. Look for a yellow 'attack icon' to appear above your opponent's head - as soon as it does, hold down the Spider Reflexes button to perform a dodge. Sometimes during a dodge, a button icon will appear on screen; press it to perform a counter-attack. This attack cannot be evaded by your foe, so it's important to use it as often as possible.

After taking down the first group of thugs, proceed through the door that the narrator opens for you and head left. Climb the rubble on the left with quick taps of the jump button; however, by holding the button down longer, you can leap higher.

To defeat the enemies in the next room, you'll have to utilize your Super Attack. There are several different Super Attacks you can earn, but you only have one thus far. But to use it, you have to build up enough energy in your Combo Meter. As you may have guessed, you can build energy by stringing together combos. Once it's full, unleash your sole Super Attack by holding down the Super Attack button and pressing Fast Attack.

With the room cleared, activate your Spider Senses to spot the bomber behind the wall. It's important to remember this skill, as it's handy for spotting mission objectives.

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After the mad bomber blows open a hole in the wall, dash through it and locate the remaining two bombs, but to find them, you'll have to crawl along the ceiling. To do so, stand next to a wall and press the Crawl/Web button to latch on, then crawl to the ceiling. Activate your Spider Senses to quickly locate the bombs, then hold the Crawl/Web button again when near to deactivate

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Now the narrator with inform you of the offensive capabilities of your webbing, each of which can be activate by different combinations of the crawl/web button.

• Web Yank - Press it once to pull a nearby enemy to you.

• Subdue - Hold the button down to wrap the enemy with webbing, rendering them immobile.

Run through the next section by depressing the Speed Boost button. Inside the flaming room, use your spider senses to look for a context sensitive location. Press the Fast Attack button when there to prompt an interactive cut-scene. Quickly alternate pressing the buttons shown onscreen to pull down the pipe and douse the flames.

Spiderman Mad Bomber

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