Spagonia Street Daytime

Here is where Professor Pickle resides at the University. There are some moon medals to be found as the street winds down, so be sure to pick them up. When the road turns left, jump up on the awning by the second set of tables. There's a rail up here to take, but jump on the apex of the rise to slide the rest of the way to the medal. There's a second rail close by but is blocked access at the moment. Continue on to the university.

On the right side of the university yard, under some trees is another moon medal. There's not much more to do until hitting the school's entrance, which sets Sonic in search for Pickle. All that's needed is to speak to someone who mentions Pickle being in Mazuri. The closest is Aida, down the road to the left, right before the road turns. She'll mention a rumor, which according to other townsfolk is true. Head back to the entrance and speak with Tails.

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