Death of Master Argo Reward Deeds

Master Argo always dies after the party lands on Kythra. To steer the Argo to the next island, you will need to consult the constellation menu. Each island has deeds related to a constellation. Simply select that constellation (you can pause and check the constellations during the dialogue with the deckhouse's steering wheel) and you will set off to the next island.

For example, use Centaurus as the constellation for Saria, Pygmalion for Mycenae, and Libra for Kythra. Since you must've met the Oracle to unlock Delphi's constellation, check out your constellation screen for the last clue!

There are several herms on Kythra but most of them are out of the way. There are also plenty of sidequests to do in order to rack up your dialogue count.

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