Objective IV Lead the Hunters inside the military base

After a lengthy series of cutscenes, you'll regain control back outside of the Gentek base. With monsters called Hunters all around you, you'll find yourself seriously unprepared to deal with such a strong, hostile threat. That's okay, though, because you don't really have to deal with them at all. Instead, you're going to bring them to a nearby military base located to the southeast of your current location, in the East Village. An icon will show up on your HUD and guide you there. There is no time to waste, however. You have to move quickly here. Just run, run, run! The red icons representing the Hunters will follow you close on your tail. You'll eventually reach your predetermined location, where the mission can continue unabated.

Mission Four: Behind the Glass (Continued)
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  • ritva
    How to lead hunters inside base in prototype?
    4 years ago
    How to lead the hunters inside the military base?
    2 years ago

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