Destroy Town Hall AA Guns Destroy Hill Houses AA Gun Destroy Northeast Gate AA Gun Assemble with Airborne at North Gate Locate Missing Sniper Team Eliminate German Commander Assemble with Airborne at Town Square Eliminate the Nazi Officers

Medal Honor Airborne Xbox 360


Details (Objectives are bolded)




Attempt to land in this vicinity.


Move all the rooftops towards town hall.


Access town hall - expect fierce resistance.


Destroy both AA guns on the roof of town hall.


Head towards the tunnel - more fierce resistance.


Winding pathway, littered with enemy soldiers and machineguns.


Destroy the AA gun - be weary of the dueling machineguns.


Climb ladder here to rooftops.


Thick enemy resistance to be expected here.


Destroy last remaining AA gun.


Reassemble with Airborne Division.


Locate the lost sniper team.


Use your sniper rifle to eliminate the Nazi commander.


Reassemble once more with Airborne Division.


Eliminate the three Nazi soldiers in town hall.

It's time to make your first combat jump. Are you ready? Well, ready or not, here you go! As you learned in your briefing, there are two safe zones I you can aim for, one in the northwest section of Adanti (the town you're landing in), the other in the southeast. For the sake of this walkthrough and for an overall easier time, shoot to land in the southeast corner of the town, as close to the green smoke grenade as possible. Remember - you can swing your legs around to aim for a certain area, and be sure to flare your landing, especially if you land in enemy territory, since botching your landing will add critical seconds to your combat readiness.

When you land, head to the green smoke if you're not already in the vicinity. Then, seek out a nearby ladder that will give you access to the roofs of the buildings around you. This will grant you access to town hall easily, and give you a great vantage point to take potshots at the Italian fascists that make up most of the enemy resistance thusfar. Work your way westward along the rooftops until you can see the Swastika-adorned (and extremely well-lit) town hall. Get ready for your first bout with the enemy.

Pick off what enemies you can from the great vantage point you have atop the adjoining roof. There will be enemies all over the place, but naturally you'll want to take shots at the ones that have seen you (and there will be some). Especially important is taking out the enemy manning the machinegun installation in front of the entrance. Taking him out will give other airborne soldiers the courage to storm the building from the front. You can then jump down into the fray, but be sure to jump, not just fall, or you will fall in between the houses and town hall, negating your efforts to flank the enemy!

There are two entrances into town hall, but you'll definitely want to take the one on the far right (if you're facing town hall). The main entrance is well-guarded by a machinegun installation, so stay away from it, since you'll need to flank the gunner momentarily. In the meantime, watch your radar to make sure any remaining Nazis outside are killed, and then work your way into the far entrance. Use the doorway or table for cover as you take out the Italians within. A well-placed grenade will eliminate multiple enemies at a time, so consider that as an option. When the foes fall silent, run into the room, collecting health, as well as Stielhandgranates (German grenades, literally translated to "Stick Hand Grenade", lovingly known as Potato Mashers). You can find some MKII Fragmentation Grenades, too, and they themselves also have a nickname - Pineapple Grenades.

(Before heading left to take on the machine-gunner guarding the main door, you may want to consider heading into the basement, where you can kill more enemies both in the basement and in the alleyway behind. This can level up your weapon and eliminate the chance of a flank attack, but it's not necessary.)

The door to your left is how you'll be able to access the second level of town hall. As you've no doubt seen and heard, however, a machine-gunner mans the top of the stairs and must be taken out. When all other enemies are killed on the main floor, peek around the corner up the stairs to see where the gunner is. If you have a good shot at him, take him out with a shot or two from your Thompson. If you don't have a clean shot, try cooking a grenade (either kind) and give it a toss to take the enemy out. Then, run up the stairs to claim the machinegun from the enemy.

The catwalk that makes up a majority of the second floor will be teeming with enemies if you hadn't already cleared it from below. What's more, the rooms that shoot off of the corridors will be full of more foes to take out. Take the time to run around and eliminate all of the enemies, using your radar to look for red dots that represent an enemy soldier. Then, with your back facing the machinegun installation, head to the far right room, swing right, and go up the stairs. This is where you'll find the roof, with both anti-aircraft guns sitting. But, of course, you won't be able to just destroy them. More Italians will be guarding them with their lives.

Stay low and cap any Italians on the roof. There's plenty of ammunition and health around for you to collect when all enemies are dead, so don't worry too much about going for broke here. There's plenty of cover for you to use, as well. We sent you here first because there are two guns to take out. Don't bother setting your charges until all enemies are killed, since if you're shot at and hit mid-set, you'll simply have to do it all over again. Setting your explosives is as easy as following the on-screen prompt when you examine the red box on each gun. When those are destroyed, explore the roof for the aforementioned ammunition and health which you will no doubt need. Then, head back downstairs to the empty, desolate streets below. It's time to head after the next gun.

The Hill Houses are due west of your current location. If your back is facing the town hall which we just sacked, then you'll want to head leftward down the street. When you see the second of the two green "safe zones" in the distance, swing leftward. You'll meet more enemy resistance in a tunnel ahead, but that's okay! It lets you know that you're headed in the direction of another important goal, even more heavily guarded than the first.

Swing down the fascist-occupied corridor towards the tunnel ahead. Use what crates and other obstacles you can to guard yourself from enemy fire before you take aim and take some shots yourself. As has been the case throughout the mission, the M1 Garand is your best friend here. Using it enough should get it all the way leveled-up, and in situations where you'll need to take accurate shots, it's much better than your Thompson. Regardless, head towards the tunnel when the enemy threat is cleared. On the other side, you'll have to deal with even more resistance.

The machinegun set-up ahead should be your primary concern. Whenever an enemy soldiers nears it and begins to use it, make sure killing that soldier becomes your immediate priority. You'll have to push forward here to ensure that replacement Italian soldiers don't man the gun when you kill the first, but unfortunately, you can't swivel the gun on the enemies to your left, since the gun's firing radius won't allow it. Be extra weary of soldiers hiding in the house back and to the left of the gun, however, since they can sneak up on you rather easily. As always, looking for red dots on your radar will be eventually become second nature for you. Be sure to clear that house, however, and pick up any health or ammunition you may need.

Continue down the winding pathway, picking off stray enemies as you go. You'll eventually turn rightward, where dueling machineguns will be taking shots at you and your fellow soldiers. These machineguns pose a very serious threat, and they must be taken head on, as the house adjacent has no outlet to the other side. Grenades work well here, since the enemy resistance is thick, or you can just lean around the corner and take shots at the machine-gunners, pushing forward immediately thereafter to ensure that no more enemies take their place behind the deadly weapons. It's especially important you don't fall back here, as if you do, the enemies ahead will quickly take your place, forcing you to retake the position.

When you've finally reached the position of those two machineguns, you're nearly in the clear. Enemies will be in the house to your left, as well as protecting the AA gun ahead and in the more open position on your right. Try flanking the latter two positions by heading leftward into the house, capping the fascists within, and then circling out of the house via the other exit. The gun is in clear view from here, but as was the case earlier, resist the urge to place your charge until you're positive all of the enemies in the area are eliminated. Otherwise, you'll risk the chance of getting hurt while placing the explosive. Once placed, run the hell away before it detonates! Only one more AA gun to go!

With three of the four guns eliminated, you're probably feeling pretty good about yourself. But don't get cocky, soldier! There's fighting left to do. Head all the way back to the tunnel that was previously occupied by Italian soldiers when you were en route to the Hill Houses AA gun (being sure to reload on ammunition, grenades and health en route, if you're in need of any or all of the three). Swing leftward once out of the tunnel - you should see the green smoke of a safe zone on the left side of your screen and a ladder into the roof above on the right side. Climb up the ladder, as you will get a better vantage point on the enemy positions ahead.

Keep a close eye on your radar as you work your way towards the enemy. You can take some easy shots at them when you locate them - just be sure to take ample cover and work quickly, as they will quickly adjust to being shot at from above and will return fire before long. Eventually, though, you should drop down to the corridors below. The fighting is going to get fierce and being on the roof simply isn't going to help you beyond some initial advantage gained through quick kills.

What you really want to keep an eye out for, instead, are some stairs on your right as you're running down the street that will bring you to an area above. If you bear rightward into the doorway, you'll likely meet some enemy resistance, which you probably should eliminate both to increase your weapon statistics and avoid a possible flank. You'll see that this building is all that separates you from town hall on the other end of town. Heading that way will therefore bring you in a circle. Instead, head back outside to the stairs that brought you into this building in the first place. Off of the steps, to the left of the door, are some wood planks. Take them onto the adjacent rooftop.

Shortly after going forward on the rooftop, you'll come to the wall surrounding the main part of the city. This is where you want to be, for if you take this rightward and then down another set of stairs, you will be right back in the fight, having flanked the enemy on its left. You can take some shots at the enemy from your raised location, but ultimately you'll want to be on ground-level, where you can push forward with your troops towards the tunnel ahead.

Beyond the location of the tunnel is where some thick fascist resistance will be found. A machine-gunner will be in the window ahead, and his position means there are few places for you to hide. Make him your first priority to kill as you go forward and through another tunnel towards the location of the actual AA gun itself. Be absolutely sure to explore nearby houses before going towards the AA gun installation, so you can grab any health, ammunition, or grenade bundles before moving forward. And of course, you'll want to wipe the floor with any remaining fascists, too.

And now, towards the AA gun. Don't run forward without carefully surveying the area to see which enemies are left. When the area seems clear around the gun, there will almost certainly be enemies in the house to your right that you'll want to take care of before proceeding, since they can stymie your progress. Once the area is truly clear of enemies (remember - check your radar!), you can then place the explosives on the fourth and final AA gun. Once it has exploded, you're then free to continue on with a whole new batch of objectives.

It's now time to assemble with your fellow airborne soldiers over at North Gate, which is westward from your current location. This is easy enough to do, and you shouldn't encounter any enemy resistance while doing so. Follow your fellow soldiers as they run along the road back towards town hall, and then continue onwards towards the westernmost safe area. To the right of this area, you will automatically reassemble with Airborne, but after a brief cutscene, you'll realize the fight isn't yet over.

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