Objective III Disable Ammunition Lift Controls 4th Floor

Depending on the techniques used when destroying the AA guns, there may or may not be a plethora of enemies within the rooms on that same floor. If you worked your way through the outer edge of the room as you destroyed the AA guns, in lieu of remaining outside, the enemy resistance you'll find will be markedly more mild than it will be otherwise. Either way, you're gonna have to fight your way through this circular room with many enemies who want nothing more than to eliminate the very real threat you're providing them posthaste.

The outer edge of the room, the circular corridors, should first be cleared before you move your way towards the inner part of the room. While it's certainly safer on the outside of the room, where the enemies are sparse and can easily be picked off with the shotgun, you won't be able to proceed with your mission until you head to the inside of the room, where the remaining enemies can be fought and killed. Be absolutely certain not to get too close to the ammunition lift running through the center of the room. Not only is it not your objective (which is on the floor below), but it also can mean death for you if you fall in. So, don't!

Instead, eliminate the enemies inside the circular room and seek out the winding staircase that leads to the room below. Down here, there will be a solitary enemy - a machine-gunner. As always, take proper cover and use a duo of Gammon Grenades to eliminate the enemy. Then, go to the red-lit room adjacent to this room, and examine the controls on the lift to call the lift towards you. Then, take the lift down by using a separate set of controls on the lift itself. This will bring you down to the floor below, where the ammunition lift controls we're seeking to destroy are located.

More stiff resistance can (and will) be met here, however. Tossing a few grenades towards groups thick with red dots on your radar is a great way to eliminate slews of enemies at once, though, as always, pushing forward is the only way to make the enemies back up and stop spawning. You'll want to go forward off of the lift and then around the right side of the ammunition lift in the center of the room, picking off enemies as you go. Be especially careful when turning leftward, since above you, a rocket-launching foe will be waiting for you. Eliminate the rest of the enemies as you head towards the stairs to the catwalk above, where any residuals can be picked off before you enter the control room. When you do, use your shotgun (or a well-placed grenade or two) to eliminate the officers within, and then take a shot at the control panel near the door that's glowing red. Objective complete.

From the room where the lift was destroyed, you can climb down the ladder to the floor below. Once you do, you'll find yourself in a vacant control room where there's a few things of interest awaiting you, including a rocket launcher (if you want to use it) and some chests with ammunition, health and explosives to replenish your supplies. If you choose to use the rocket launcher, use it out of the windows in the room on the enemies below, but be sure to ditch it to grab your other weapon before jumping out of the room and to the area below. If you don't want to use the rocket launcher, however, you can just as easily use your rifle to snipe at some enemies below. but, the cover provided isn't great, so don't get too carried away.

Once on the level below, it's time to deal with more enemies. As usual, a mixture of shotgun and rifle fire will take care of the enemies you encounter depending on your proximity to them. Also, continue to not be shy about using grenades. That's what they're therefore, after all. to use them! Be extremely mindful of the cover you have, however, and be sure not to get flanked. Keep your eyes on the radar to watch enemy movements, and approach them with great care. Trust us - you don't want to get into a firefight here without the proper cover. You have the proper equipment, of course, but with nothing in between you and Nazi bullets, you won't last very long.

Ultimately, the road to the ammunition lift control is much the same as it was last time around. Once on the second floor, all you need to do is seek out a metal staircase that leads up to an isolated room. This is where the controls are located. But getting there isn't necessarily easy, especially considering the slew of enemies you'll have to deal with between points A and B. You'll also want to be mindful of the items enemies drop, making sure you're constantly replenishing your health as you go, and your ammunition, too.

When the staircase is in sight, you're almost home free. Almost. A black-dressed Nazi with a gigantic machinegun (like ones we've fought before) will emerge from that room, so at all costs, avoid the urge to run headlong up the stairs. Try to bait the enemies out with Gammon Grenades, using them to kill the machine-gunner before running up the stairs. After going up the stairs, throw a grenade or two inside the room. After they've detonated, clear any survivors with your shotgun, and then aim it at the glowing red apparatus on the wall. When it's destroyed, a fourth objective on this stage is complete.

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