HitachiLG GDR3120L Tutorial

Video Tutorial Here (non-78 drives)

Opening The Xbox 360

The outer Xbox 360 "shell" is entirely screwless. Plastic friction tabs hold the case together. There are many different tutorials for opening the Xbox 360, with different methods. Here are some links to "opening the Xbox 360" tutorials. I felt it unnecessary to cover opening the Xbox 360 in this tutorial when there are already so many other guides out there. Nevertheless, here are some quick notes:

- The Anandtech guide says you need to use a Torx 12 screwdriver. There is no such thing. You need a Torx 10 screwdriver.

- Removing the grey side grill on the hard drive side is a little tricky. The first friction tab is actually inaccessible from the top holes in the case, so you need to stick your screwdriver in the hole by where the hard drive button is and unclip it.

- In order to push in the back clips, you can do a few things. You can use a thin metal object such as a precision flathead screwdriver / bobby pin / paperclip OR you can make an opening "key" out of a CD spindle case or old credit card. Anotehr alternative is purchasing an "unlock kit."

- If all you want to do is just flash the firmware, you only need to remove the six long Torx screws on the bottom of the inside metal casing.

Anandtech Guide InformIT Guide

Xbox-Accessories Disassembly Hydra's Guide to Making an Unlock Key Textbook's Video Syrax2Beta's Video Google Video

s hishnit's Videos hishnit's Video

What Version

You can determine what version Hitachi drive you have simply by looking at the sticker. Your ROM version will matter in this tutorial. ROM version 46/47/59 drives will all have the same instructions. ROM 0078FK drives can only use the Slax disc to be put into ModeB, and must use a different method when flashing the drive.

Extrair Key Hitachi Xbox 360

ROM v0078FK

If you have a drive with ROM v0078FK, you will need to follow different instructions for flashing. The drive must still be put into ModeB, but can only be done using Method 1, the Slax CD.

Currently, SATA-to-USB adapters like the X360USB and generic adapters will not work. SIL SATA chipsets are also not supported at this time due to read corruption. Your best bet would be to use onboard Intel ICH* chipsets, or Nforce chipsets. VIA chipsets work with most v78 drives, but not all of them.


ModeB is the Hitachi drive's built-in debug mode that we need to get into before anything else can be done. When in ModeB, the drive can be recognized in Windows and flashed with the hacked firmware. There are a few different ways to get into ModeB. You only need to use whatever method works and you feel comfortable with.

ModeB Method 1 - SLAX

The first method you can use to get your Hitachi drive into ModeB is by using a bootable SLAX Live CD. It is a specially edited Linux LiveCD that will send custom commands to the Hitachi drive through on bootup.

1. Download the latest SLAX image from Xbox-Scene

2. Open the .rar archive using WinRar and extract the .iso image file.

3. Burn the .iso image to a blank CD-R using IMGBurn, CloneCD, Nero, or any other recording software capable of burning .iso image files.

4. Make sure your computer's BIOS is set to boot from CD first. Most are set to this by default.

5. Power off both the Xbox 360 and PC.

6. Make sure both power and video cables are plugged into the Xbox 360. Also provide a true path to ground between the Xbox 360 case and PC case by using croc clips, small wire, or setting them against each other so they are touching.

7. Unplug the small, black SATA cable from the back of the Hitachi DVD drive and connect your Hitachi drive to your PC via a SATA cable.

8. Power on the Xbox 360 and PC at the same time. Boot the PC from the Slax CD and wait until you reach the login prompt.

9. If you get a line of text that says "Spinning Up Disc." eject the Hitachi drive and Slax should continue loading.

10. Check for ModeB! (see below)

If you have the Hitachi v0078FK drive, click here for the instructions.

ModeB Method 2 - Two-Wire/Resistor Trick

Note: This ModeB method will not work on Hitachi v0078FK drives. You must use Slax if you have a v0078FK drive.

Experimentation and research by SeventhSon and others early on found a way to put the drive into ModeB by grounding one of the pins on the DVD power plug. This method works every time when done correctly, but take caution. This method is much more dangerous than other ModeB methods. You must read this entirely and understand what you are doing. If you screw up on this, you may brick your drive and what is worse, is without an original firmware backed up, you won't be able to purchase a new drive for your Xbox 360. Screw up on this and it's a good chance you'll make a permanent drive-less Xbox 360.

For safety reasons (less chance of bricking) please use a 1K-ohm resistor when doing the "two-wire trick." You can purchase resistors at a local Radioshack or other hobby electronics shop. This resistor has brown-brown-red-gold bands on it. 111 Radioshack model number 271-1118.

Now, take a look at the back of your DVD drive and you should see a black SATA cable to the right and the power cable to the left. The power cable consists of ten smaller black wires and has a white connector.

What you will want to observe is pins 0 and 9. Since the left side holes of the connector are empty, the wires you want end up being the top right and bottom left wires.

Stick a sewing pin in next to these wires as shown in the image below.

What you need to do is use the resistor to touch these two pins together when booting the Xbox 360, then release the resistor immediately afterwards. So, with the Xbox 360 off, hold the resistor so that each end touches the sewing pin. With your other hand, hit the power button on your Xbox 360 and as soon as you see the power light come on, remove the resistor and break the connection. This is the tricky part and where people were bricking their drives. You can screw this up in two ways. First, some people were accidentally using the wrong points on the power cable. Second, people were holding the two wires together for too long. The pins should be connected at most for only a half second on bootup.

Again, just for clarity:

1. Make the cable as shown above by sticking sewing pins in the 0 and 9 locations on the power plug.

2. Plug this newly made power plug back into the back of the DVD drive with the Xbox 360 off.

3. With the Xbox 360 powered off, use a 1Kohm resistor and hold it to connect the two pins together.

4. Power on the Xbox 360 and immediately remove the resistor as soon as you see the green power led on the Xbox 360 light up.

5. Check for ModeB! (see below)

ModeB Method 3 - Connectivity Kit

Note: This ModeB method will not work on Hitachi v0078FK drives. You must use Slax if you have a v0078FK drive. The kit can still be used to power the drive, but the debug/ModeB button will not work.

If the Slax disc did not work for you and you are too afraid to use the two-wire/resistor trick method, you can purchase a Xeno or Xecuter Connectivity Kit to put the drive into ModeB.

Some important warnings about the kits -

You can fry the kit and/or drive if you plug in the DVD power cables upside down. Look on the connector. There are small tabs to make sure you are connecting the cables correctly.

You can also fry the kit and/or drive if you short it out on something. The back of the kit is not protected, and you can see bare solder points on the circuit. If you aren't careful, you can short the kit onto your PC case, Xbox drive, or another metal object.

For a clear explanation of the danger, take a look at this pdf.

Disconnect both power and SATA cables from the DVD drive and take it out of the Xbox 360. Power off your PC and hook up the connectivity kit. Hook up the SATA cable to the DVD drive as well. Push the ModeB button down and power on your PC and boot into Windows.

For the Xecuter kit, make sure the Eject button is up and the ModeB button is down before powering up the system.
Eject ModeB

The same status LED configuration is used for the Xeno kit. If you power up the drive and the LED is green, hit the ModeB button so that the LED turns red for ModeB.

ModeB Method 4 - Hotswap

The fourth method of ModeB in fact is not a method to get into ModeB at all. The drive never goes into ModeB, but using this method, you will be able to flash your drive and since that's what we are trying to do here, it is still included as a "ModeB method." This method is not very applicable to many people so I won't spend too much time going over it.

You need a SATA DVD-ROM drive hooked up to your PC and detected in Windows. This can be a normal PC SATA DVD-ROM drive like the SH-D163A or it can also be an Xbox 360 Samsung drive in 0800 mode. Whatever it is, it has to be a SATA DVD-ROM drive detected and working in Windows. Note your drive letter, then unplug the SATA cable from your "normal" drive and plug it into the Hitachi drive. You can then flash your Hitachi with that drive letter.

ModeB Indicators

It is obvious that we must first get the Hitachi drive into ModeB before doing anything else. Before worrying about your PC, before worrying about flashing, or anything else, focus on ModeB. ModeB is a property of the DVD drive alone. It does not rely on SATA and has nothing to do with your computer. In fact, you can do the following checks with no SATA cable hooked up to the Hitachi drive at all. The following are signs of ModeB. Your Hitachi drive must be doing one of the following. Your drive does not have to display all these signs to be in ModeB. If your drive is showing just one of these, it is in ModeB.

Signs of ModeB:

1. If using the Xbox 360 to power the drive and using the wire/resistor trick, your Xbox 360's power LED should flash rapidly

2. With all methods, it should take two presses of the eject button to either open or close the DVD tray.

3. With all methods, when you eject the drive back in using the eject button, it should auto-eject back open a second later.

4. Obviously, if the drive shows up in Windows, then it is in ModeB.

Drive Detection in Windows

When you have made sure your drive is in ModeB, connect it to your PC and power up your PC. If you used Slax, remember to take out the Slax disc because you need to boot from the hard drive into Windows. At the Windows loading bar, you should eject the Hitachi drive in and out a few times. Some people believe that they only need to eject the drive if the loading gets stuck, but this is NOT true! Testing has shown that Device I/O Errors while flashing were a result from the failure to eject the Hitachi drive at the Windows loading bar.

When Windows boots up, check to see if the drive is detected. First, open device manager. Right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage." A Computer Management window should open up with a list to the left. In that list to the left, under System Tools, is Device Manager.

Check your CD/DVD drives to see if the Hitachi GDR-3120L is listed. If it is not listed, try updating your SATA drivers.

Open up "My Computer" and see if you have a new CD-ROM drive. Right-click on your drive and eject it. You just want to make sure you know which drive is the Hitachi drive. Remember the drive letter.

Note: The following instructions are for Hitachi drive versions 46/47/59. If you have a Hitachi v78, follow these instructions.

A Neat Powertoy

To save time and make it easier, you should download and install a Windows XP powertoy titled "Open Command Window Here." By using this, you will not have to navigate to your directory using the command prompt. This is an absolute must if you do not have much experience using a command prompt.


Run the "CmdHere.exe" and go through the installation.

Downloading The Firmware

The hacked firmware may be illegal under the DMCA, EUCD, or other local, national, and international copyright laws. The hacked firmware contains portions of Microsoft's copyrighted firmware and therefore cannot be linked to or downloaded publicly. Do not request the firmware on any forums because it is against most forum rules and you will most likely be banned. The best method to obtain the firmware is by using Xbins. Xbins is an IRC channel and FTP server that hosts Xbox and Xbox 360 mod files, homebrew programs, and development software.

If you have never used Xbins before, the easiest method is to use Ground Zero's automated Xbins downloader.


Download the self-extracting archive and run the xbins.exe file. It will ask you where you want to save the files, choose your desktop. Now, go into the "Xbins" folder on your desktop and run the .bat file. The program will automatically connect to the IRC channel, message the bot, and connect to the FTP server. When filezilla opens up you should see the local Xbins folder on your left side, and a few folders on your right side (this is the FTP server).

Z FileZills - Connected to

File Edit Transfer View Queue Server Help

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User: Password:

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