Family Bunker Plans

Family Bunker Plans

This ebook from John Hartman, ex-military gives you all of the practical tools that you need to build a bunker for you and your family to protect them from terrorist attacks and dangerous attacks on the United States. Would you not say that you are willing to protect your family no matter what? Then this bunker should be an excellent investment. This guide teaches you how to keep your family safe in the following ways: you will be able living in your bunker for 6 months, you will learn to build a source of renewable power, and fit up to 5 people comfortably. You will learn to build a bunker that is secretive and hidden, and impossible to break into. Your bunker will be plenty solid, in order to resist dangerous terrorist attacks. Learn to protect your family in the best way possible with this guide Start building your bunker and save your family! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

Assault the Bunkers

Once you've killed off enough enemies to move forward, proceed southwest to the center of the field, where a bunker waits. There are soldiers inside using Type 100s. Mow them down as you walk straight through, pick up their discarded guns (reloading first if needed), and continue southwest.

Secondary Objective Destroy Bunker in Iraq Base 10000

Coalition forces have been looking for a bunker where Ali Youssef keeps his weapons. There's a nice reward waiting for you if you help destroy this bunker. The secondary objective you got just a moment ago can now be taken care of. You'll encounter a stationary machinegun facing away from the guard station, and this can be used to keep the numerous enemies ahead of it at bay. Do this while sending your partner forward aggressively. As long as the enemies are kept at bay, he'll take it upon himself to set a homing device on the weapons bunker the secondary objective asked us to locate and destroy. Keep the enemies from assailing your partner as he does this (it'll take about a minute in-game time), and a fighter jet will automatically come and destroy the target. Talk about easy money Just be absolutely sure you keep the enemies at bay, especially those coming down the hilly pathway on the left side of the stationary machinegun's initial range.

Rendezvous with Sarge Locate Bunker Entrance


From the last 200mm bunker, head southeast to regroup with your squad. Once the door's broken, walk through and emerge behind a tank. Follow it, but not too closely, as it'll be destroyed once it reaches the top of the road. At that point, head along the west border of the field. Enemy soldiers will begin leaping from the brush atop a hut. Take cover amongst the rocks, barrels and logs, and snipe them from afar. Slowly but surely make your way further west, and know that just when you think you're done, more will arrive. Their numbers aren't infinite, however after about five or six waves, they'll stop coming. Soon, you'll reach the bottom of a hill that climbs southeast. This area is relatively compact, and presents a unique opportunity. You can charge forward, use your Flamethrower to set the area on fire, and then retreat to the safety of cover. Enemy soldiers will either be burned by the flames or will run right into them. Repeat this hit-'n'-run method until they're all defeated,...

Plant Charges in Ammo Bunker with Roebuck

Once the coast is clear, walk into the fenced-in area and head left, and you'll descend into the bunker. Kill the single soldier within, walk up to the charges, and press Use to activate them. Exit and face off against another wave of foes, Gain Entrance to the Japanese Bunker

Secure the Bunker

Enter the bunker and begin your descent into its depths. Since there are no branching paths in this area, it's nearly impossible to get lost. If you're ever disoriented, regain your bearings by using the compass. Once you start heading down, claustrophobia might set in this is a very compact place, and numerous foes will try blocking your path. Be prepared to use your Melee Attack whenever necessary. Optionally, you may run all the way to the bottom, break out

Assault the Anti Aircraft Bunker

Take out oncoming soldiers to try clearing your own way into the bunker. A useful hiding place is the overturned truck on the far left. From there, you can shoot all of the emerging kamikaze soldiers who try to run up on you and your mates. When they stop coming and the gunfire quiets down, proceed forward until you're in the bunker, and are heading north-northeast.

Gain Entrance to the Japanese Bunker

When you trigger this objective, turn to face the foliage at your right (north-northeast). You should see a log-lined entrance to a bunker (the same one you bombed earlier). Walk in, restock ammo for your trench gun, then head out into the crossfire. Hide underneath the center of the truck (by going prone), and you'll be able to shoot soldiers, but they usually won't be able to get you. You can also call in air strikes on the machine gunners in the bunkers, and they won't get you either. Thin out their ranks a bit, then head southwest to descend into the bunker. Weave your way through until you re-emerge into the open, then take a hard right (so you're heading southeast). You'll find another Death Card in the brush. Several soldiers in a row will charge forward and try to stab you, so have your Melee Attack ready. Run ahead and enter the large bunker at your right (southeast) and you'll trigger the next objective.

Retrieve the Flamethrower Flame the Bunker

Run out to where your fellow soldier collapsed and pick up the Flamethrower, then keep running south and hide behind the truck wreckage. Recuperate from any damage you may have taken, then charge the left (south) side of the bunker. Enemy soldiers won't be able to fire on you there. Run around the corner when you're ready, and flame them out. The left (south) wall you were hiding near will collapse. Walk through it and charge through the bunker. You'll fight a few more soldiers along the way. When you exit through its other side, you'll clear a checkpoint.

Clear Out Bunker

The bunker entrance can be found halfway up the trench, to the southwest, but the door is closed. Thankfully, you just happen to be lugging around a pile of explosive that can open the way. Set a charge on the door then back away immediately to prevent being damaged by the explosion. Also get ready for a soldier to charge at you as soon at the way is opened. Destroy Shore Gun & Exit Bunker With the room cleared, plant a charge on the west Shore Gun to destroy it, then exit the bunker. With the room cleared, plant a charge on the west Shore Gun to destroy it, then exit the bunker.

HQ Secret Bunker

Move east towards the elevator and you'll be taken to a different area of the bunker. Move east towards the elevator and you'll be taken to a different area of the bunker. HQ Secret Bunker 1 HQ Secret Bunker 1 HQ Secret Bunker 1 HQ Secret Bunker 1 HQ Secret Bunker 2 HQ Secret Bunker 2 HQ Secret Bunker 2

This Vortal Coil

You'll soon emerge from the antlion caves and meet up with some fellow humans in an underground bunker. As you first arrive, your comrades explain the antlion detection system there are lights near each of the four passages that lead into the bunker. When a light switches on, antlions will begin pouring into the bunker through that passage. The more important thing to remember throughout this ordeal is that there are infinite ammo supplies in two crates on either side of the bunker. One crate holds shotgun ammo while the other holds sub-machinegun ammo (if you haven't already, be sure to grab the sub-machinegun from next to the Vort that's workin' on Alyx). We suggest using the sub-machinegun for most of the shooting.

Freeman Pontifex

You'll soon start fending off an endless supply of antlions that crawl up out of the ground. Look for a nearby vibratory devices that's pounding the ground and stand near it while the Vort takes out the antlions. You need to continue moving further through the valley by moving between vibratory devices. There are three of the vibratory devices positioned in a series so you can reach the end of the valley. As you approach the bunker that Alyx suggests for cover, the previously encountered guardian antlion shows up.

Fight to the first line of antitank defenses on hill

Follow the right path until you reach the bunker, exterminating the soldiers along your way. Inside the bunker, cook a grenade before the first corner, and then chuck it down the hallway right before it explodes to quickly take down the populated room at the end of the hall. Enter the room cautiously, as there's a window on the right side that enemies in an adjacent room can shoot you through. If you spot any such foe, try to take them down before they deal any serious harm. Then go around the corner by the window and shoot the Germans manning the turrets.

The Church Must Stay Unharmed

After you reach up towards the church itself, you can start moving up your tanks for real. If you're trying to eliminate the enemy without destroying the church, use bunker busters on the anti-tank fortifications and avoid using your artillery units. In fact, at this point, you can probably disband the artillery and summon more tanks, or fortify the western sides of the bridges with anti-tank units in the buildings around them.

Get to Cover Enter and Clear Out the Tunnel

Quickly refill your ammo at the bag, then run south-southwest as fast as you can, and duck into the bunker. Drop down the hole nearby, and progress westward with caution. You'll hear voices becoming increasingly louder. Stick to the left side of the tunnel, and the guards within the underground room won't notice you. Cook a grenade and throw it in to kill them with little trouble.

Chapter Eight The Forest

This next part involves a long hillside battle. Thankfully, it's a wide open area, so you can keep your distance when shooting your opponents. Your sniper rifle will be invaluable during this segment if you're quick, you can kill most of enemies while they scramble to get into position. Remember to lie prone often and scan the horizon for soldiers hiding behind rocks, trees, and bushes. Again, take your time - there's no rush. Make your way to the bunker in the middle of the hillside to complete an objective, and then continue on up the hill. Afterwards, work your way through the bunker to the road. Use the smoke screen created by your teammates to take cover behind the tank. Peek around the edge of the tank and shoot the enemies up the hill and then proceed up the mountain to a boulder and take cover. As before, shoot any visible enemies, then move onto the next piece of cover. You'll eventually come across another bunker - stay on the hillside and shoot the enemies from behind a...

Wars are fought by soldiers but they are produced by businessmen and politicians

Head outside to Foley and Dunn to assault the Capitol building. There're several weapons in the bunker, but unless there's a second grenade weapon you can take, don't bother. You need more grenades here than you do anything else since you can impact those bastards instantly. (Above Left) Tempted to take the EBR-14 at the start in the bunker Don't bother. You're going to have infinite grenades once you hit the Capitol building. (Above Right) You can barely see the steps into the Capitol building, but as soon as the LCAV fires at the enemies and suppresses them, you can enter the building without being shot dead. Free ammo in ten seconds

Clear First Section of Trench

You'll come across a bunker at the end of the trench. It's hevaily guarded, so use the trench wall to protect yourself, and use your rifle to target the gunner within (and the soldier that replaces him), then a few more scattered around the area, such as the sniper on the roof.

Real Men Dont Read Maps

If you head down the first ramp of the stairwell you'll come to a landing leading to the second ramp leading downwards. If you look up above the landing, you'll see four or five platforms above the landing itself the Cowbell Skull is on the highest one. How do you get there You have to use the Grav Lift that you picked up from the bunker near the Scarab. Throw it on the ramp that slopes upwards towards the door you walked in from and jump into it to (hopefully) reach the topmost platform. It can be difficult to do, but you should have a checkpoint right as you started down the stairwell.

Mission 06 Von Esling Airbase No Traitors Tomorrow

Command And Conquer Red Alert Xbox One

Since you know he's going to turn on you, get a dozen or so Twinblades and transport twenty or thirty Flak Troopers over to Krukov's base. Set one group next to the Bunker and the other group next to the Construction Yard. When you're given the task to bring down Krukov, unleash hell on those two structures. Once these buildings are blown to smithereens, Krukov will be defeated and all of his military will fall under your command. This will be a huge help because the Allies have an impressive military to combat.

Mission 14 Climax Continued

Intel 72 - Containing Alma (Project Origin) - When the firefight outside is finally over, the door into the enemy bunker will be opened. Head on inside the decontamination chamber, and then head leftward into another room. Before following the beckoning calls of your teammate ahead and on your left, head straight forward to a large computer terminal with three monitors. Sitting atop the terminal, once approached, is the first of five pieces of intel to be found on this, the final mission of the game. Intel 74 - Power Flow (Project Harbinger) - Believe it or not, the third of five pieces of intel on this mission can be found immediately after finding the second piece of intel. From where Intel 73 was found, and with your back facing the elevator, look to your left. A short staircase will be leading upward to a well-lit laboratory. Enter this well-lit room and look on the far side wall, next to a door that leads further into the bunker on your right. This is where this piece of intel...

Locate and Destroy German 88s Two Left

Once the area is clear, look for another 88 to the right of the bunker. Kill the two soldiers guarding it then plant the With the 2nd 88 destroyed, it's time to enter the bunker. There's a door just inside that can only be removed with explosives, however, there's also a murder hole next to it that may still be occupied. Make sure it's devoid of enemies, then plant another charge on the closed door. Work your way through the bunker, using the corners for cover to aid in taking down the few enemies you encounter. Plant another charge on the door at the end to open the way.

Clear Out Anti Tank Positions

When you reach the water's end, you'll be near a bunker, and that's where the anti-tank shells are being fired from. Walk around the brush, taking out any hiding enemies, and steadily make your way toward them from the north side. You can't kill the men firing the missiles yet, so don't bother trying. Once you're near the top of the hill, enemies will come running down toward you. You can shoot most of them before they reach a beneficial position. Carefully continue climbing into the anti-tank bunker, staying on the lookout for kamikaze soldiers. Kill off all the enemies around the field gun, and you'll be told you've cleared out the first camp. Before moving on, you can explore the dugout to your left (northeast) to pick up guns.

Tiger Woods 08 Courses

On your tee shot, aim for the bunker. It is straight away from the tee and makes for a great place for the ball. Don't hit your approach shot too far - the Pacific Ocean is closer than it looks. Aim for the pothole bunkers in the fairway to set yourself up for a long approach shot. It will likely take three shots to reach the green on this hole. The green is easily reachable in two. The one thing you should watch out for on your tee shot is the bunkers. If it looks like the ball may bounce into one, use your ball spin to hopefully re-direct the ball's likely path. Aim your tee shot just short of the fairway bunkers. The green is protected by bunkers and isn't worth gambling by going for two. This straight, narrow fairway won't be difficult to find with your tee shot, but numerous bunkers flank the fairway. A stiff wind could push your ball into one of them. The green is also flanked by a few bunkers, so keep an eye on the wind. This par four has numerous sand dunes and bunkers...

Objective Locate and eliminate Ali Youssefs lieutenant 11000

If you're confused as to why there are multiple doors out of this house, let us explain. The door to your right (while the hole in the floor ceiling is directly overhead) is actually a door that was previously closed and has since opened, needlessly granting you access to an area you've already cleared. So, ignore that door. Instead, go through the door at the far end of the building, which will lead to a gigantic metal door. Obviously, this is a bunker, and getting into it is easier than you think. Simply hit the switch next to the door, and bam You're in.

Push Through the Japanese Defenses

Run south-southeast toward the beach, then make your way through the charred field. One of your companions will use his Flamethrower to burn a bunker with a foe inside. Afterward, you'll move up and come upon a another bunch of soldiers, and one of them will be hiding snugly in a bunker (to the south-southeast). To eliminate the threat of his machine gun, call in another bombing on him. While you're waiting for it, select a new gun or two from the bunker wall, dispatch as many foes as possible, then get up and run east. When you enter the trenches and see a friendly tank rolling by, run straight ahead and you'll find a M1897 Trench Gun on the wall. If that's not your style, you can turn around and run northwest to enter a collapsed bunker, which holds a Deployable Type 99. For a while, you're going to be trudging through narrow trenches, so you should be crouching and leaning to hit enemies. Fight your way through them toward the southeast.

Get To The River for Evac

The first skull of the game is located here, in this area, near where the first dropship comes to drop off its load. To find it, head to the small bunker buildings along the cliff's edge and start walking towards the water, hugging the cliff. There should be a large rock jutting out over the water the Blind skull will be on it. Pick it up with the R2 button to unlock it.

Deactivate First Barrier Tower

Anyway, to avoid the bulk of the crowd, rush your Warthog down the hill, through the lake, and into the small glen on the other side of the bunker here, parking it atop the low rise near the cliff wall, then hop out. Any vehicles that want to get to you will have to come around the bunker to do so, where your gunner will be able to toast them. With that done, grab a beam rifle from the dispensary and try to aim down the tunnel here you should be able to kill numerous Grunts, Jackals, and a Brute or two. When you've cleared the place out, you can return back to the entrance of the tunnel and try to snipe out the gunner on the turret inside to clear your passage.

Circular Saw In Action

There is one secret costume for each ending. The two main factors behind the endings are the decision to perform the mercy killing on the mother at the prison, and the decision to sympathize with the man at the church. In the case where both factors are negative, the decision to rescue the deputy at the bunker will also come into play.

Locate The Cartographer

When you reach the bottom of the set of terraces, the Scarab will reappear, along with a few Choppers. Take down the choppers while keeping the large bunker here between you and the Scarab. When that's done, start making circles around the Scarab's legs until your gunner shoots it in the knees enough to drop it to the ground. That'll let you hop aboard it and start making your way to the power core. If your gunner is dead, or you lost your Warthog, you'll have to wait a bit and attempt to fire on the knees yourself. You can do so with weapons, if you like (there's some fuel rod guns in the bunker), or wait for your Scorpions to do the deed, or hop into a Scorpion and try to aim yourself, but the tanks are slow enough to be sitting ducks to the Scarab's fire, so be careful. Tip Grab a grav lift from the bunker here before moving on. You'll need one to nab a Skull later in the level.

Assault Shuri Castle

Shortly after you and your compatriots line up against the bunker, Japanese soldiers will assault you. Take cover, but be prepared to use your Melee Attack some of your enemies will inevitably dive into your trench. Your Scoped Springfield can be fired eastward through a line of foes, killing several at once, but only use this method if you're sure its bullets won't be wasted. There's a mounted machine gunner in a red tower to the south-southeast snipe them ASAP. Soon thereafter, your companions will run up the stairs beneath the mounted machine gun tower. Before you join them, run around the field you'd just cleared to pick up more Type 100 ammo (and be careful, as some foes may still be hiding in the ground). Finally, join your fellows. Many Japanese soldiers will be firing at you from behind bunkers and walls. Cook some grenades to clear them out, and use your Scoped Springfield on any leftovers. Some are hiding behind the burnt-out rice paper doors, so scan the area with your...

Mission 08 Moscow Crumble Kremlin Crumble

Use Engineers to grab the two VIP bunkers but be sure to have a decent size fleet of Chopper-VXs and Jet Tengus before you capture that second bunker. Send the Shogun north while you send the Choppers to the south to intercept General Krukov's massive Dreadnoughts. The Shogun should rip apart what is left of the Kremlin and the General will try to escape. Send your Jet Tengus after him as he tries to fly away in his Twinblade. Hah, not so fast, General.

Rejoin the Main Russian Army

It won't be long before you run into two more German tanks, and soldiers with rocket launchers. Dispatch of the tanks from afar, then charge past the soldiers' bunker, as you'll do yourself more harm than good if you bother with them. Keep heading for the emblem on your compass.

Little Big Planet Xbox 360

THE FROZEN TUNDRA THE BUNKER THE COLLECTOR'S LAIR THE COLLECTOR THE FROZEN TUNDRA THE BUNKER THE COLLECTOR'S LAIR THE COLLECTOR The Bunker The Bunker The Wheel of Death is your main obstacle in The Bunker and it functions as a sort of platforming boss. The first layer contains platforms you can grip. It's best to hop over these when they are horizontal and be done with it. They get smaller, but if you land a sloppy jump, just grip to steady yourself.

Eliminate the 200mm Guns 3 of

You'll encounter more soldiers and two mounted machine gunners. After gradually thinning out the numbers of the former, you'll need to run northwest to their fortified bunker and burn the latter. Fortunately, there's a window on their northeast side that you can fire your Flamethrower through. Once the soldiers are dead, toss in a Satchel Charge, run far away, and detonate it. That'll spell the end of the first 200mm gun set. From there, take a narrow pathway at your left (south-southwest). Head straight till you reach a wall where a dead soldier's dangling, and you'll find a Death Card. Collect it, then hide behind cover. Using your Scoped Arisaka, dispatch of any Japanese soldiers up ahead, and then march toward the next bunker (northwest of you). Along the way, more There's only one 200mm bunker left, and many foes will rush out to defend it. If you retreat to the southeast and snipe them from afar, it's doubtful they'll even notice you. When you've...


Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic western RPG with enough shooting mechanics that it is, indeed, a full-fledged hybrid title. You're given control of a male or female (depending on who you choose) who lives in a heavily-guarded nuclear fallout shelter. There's a big, bad post-nuclear world outside of the safety of Vault 101 -- your home -- but it won't be until your nineteenth year that you finally get out into the world to see for yourself the devastation of nuclear warfare. Why Your primary caretaker, your father, has left the safety of Vault 101, and you're determined to find out why he's left.


Move across the bridge just right of Pestilence and watch for a pair of enemies across the open field ahead. Continue wandering through the open field and you'll soon come to a concrete-encased bunker. The door inside is locked, but there's a small opening to the right (with one enemy inside). Send your Creeping Dark through the small opening to get rid of the dude inside. While still controlling the Creeping Dark, move further into the bunker to take on a couple more baddies. You should find a lock that opens the front door of the bunker, letting you enter with Jackie. Inside the bunker, to the right, is another locked door. Send the Creeping Dark up the wall and through the small hole near the ceiling. You can unlock the door from the other side, letting Jackie through to blast the lone enemy beyond. In the next hall is a portal for summoning a darkling. Withdraw a kamikaze or gunner and they'll blast an opening in the hallway to the left. Exit the bunker and immediately turn left...

The Sewers

Leave the room and take a left again to return to the main tunnel. Very shortly you'll reach a ladder. Climb up and follow the following halls. The narrow path will lead you to a room with three enemies inside. Engage them from outside the room they're in (or send in a darkling) before climbing the ladder in the room. At the top of the ladder, go through the following doorways to reach the German bunker.


The Rifleman's grenades can be used much like the launcher for clearing out buildings and blowing up walls. However, the grenades are extremely bouncy and take three or four seconds to explode which makes them nigh impossible to use as precision weapons out in the open. Toss one in the door of a bunker and you'll see immediate results. Alternating grenade tosses with grenade launcher fire is a good tactic. The Rifleman is not a good match for a tank, but his ample explosives can be used to at least weaken it or destroy a weakened vehicle.


Early capture of the Airfield is of utmost import on this map. Take a plane over and parachute down and grab it, then stick around to defend it and you'll have a great head start. There's a tank that spawns right at the flag, so grab that early on. Of course, this point also features an extra plane (on the landing strip by the large hangar) and the air raid bunker (a small white building by the airplane hangar with a radar antenna on the top). If you can hold the Airfield, you'll have a supply of cars, planes and tanks to use to spread out over the rest of the island. People seem to focus mostly on the air raid bunker and moving on to other flags after this point is captured, so sticking around for defense is a great strategy -- you'll get a constant influx of enemies so your kill count should remain healthy. As mentioned above, this area is highly contested, but sometimes just not that well defended. Swooping in with a plane and parachuting directly at the flag can prove successful....


The Radio Bunker is near the Axis base and features the same accoutrements as the Fuel Dump. It's a bit less exposed to the Ridge, so it's often left unguarded. The hills around this area are ideal for cross-map sniping. The outpost holds the island's air raid bunker (a small white building by the water with a radar antenna on the top) and is thus under a constant stream of fire. This is a good spot to aim you bombers at, if not the Ridge. Watch the hills above this area for snipers with grenade launchers or sniper rifles. This area can be captured with the help of a tank or two.

Jungle The Hatch

Eventually you should be able to reach a small bunker. Sadly, the entrance to the bunker is going to be guarded by Sayid (screen). Approach him and begin the conversation. You will be allowed to ask him one new general question Sayid won't let you inside the bunker. Thankfully, you will be given a new assignment. QUEST 3 Learn your name to enter the Hatch

Air Raid

Each level has a flag point with an air raid bunker nearby. On Wake Island and Iwo Jima it's the Air Field, on Guadalcanal it's the Outpost. You can identify the small white air raid bunker by the large antenna array on top of it. It is also marked as a group of four small planes on your radar. Every few minutes, a message will appear on the screens of all soldiers on the team in possession of the flag near the air raid bunker. At this point, a soldier may approach the door of the building and enter it when prompted. The view will immediately switch to that of the air raid bombers. You can control their path slightly and only effectively at the very start, so aim for the frontline symbol (two crossed yellow swords). The frontline is where the most killing is taking place, but the more red marks the better Just before you reach the area, switch views to your bombing crosshairs and you'll be able to drop a line of instant-kill bombs, decimating any enemies and vehicles below. Since all...

Mount Suribachi

The high vantage point of Mount Suribachi provides an excellent place to snipe the Lighthouse and Fishing Village. The bunkers feature their own chain guns and there's an anti-aircraft gun on one side. A tank spawns up here that should be used primarily for defense of this region. To capture this high point you'll have the best luck parachuting in, although a pathway winds up the rear hill that exposes the island to sneaky boat attacks. A car spawns up here as well. The best capture point of the island due to its pair of tanks, tank recharging stand, air strip, extra plane, air raid bunker and AA cannon, the Airfield also features a capture point on a rooftop, making it incredibly difficult to re-capture. This capture point indeed has it all, so grabbing it immediately with the help of a plane is recommended. Defending this spot with the help of the tank should prove worthwhile, as you'll receive a constant stream of challengers. You can repair a tank at the raised platform where one...

Beach Campsite

You might want to consider talking to the survivors about your problem with Sayid, however it won't be necessary and it won't get you any closer to receiving a clearance to enter the bunker. I would recommend that you focus on completing one of the side missions. Doing this will unlock you access to the Staff Station. Your task will be to examine various objects, however you must do this in a certain order. Your first object of interest is a suitcase. Look at the screen if you want to find out where to look for it.

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